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The chairman of the Azerbaijan Health Care Trade Unions Republic Committee – Afandiyev Emin Anvar oglu

Afandiyev E.A was born in 1953. He graduated Azerbaijan State Medical Institute by name of N.Narimanov in 1976 and then in 1989 he graduated from High School of Party.
He started his work activity as a sanitary in medical enterprises and continued as a medical sibling, a doctor and the head of the department in different hospitals. 
He started his activity in trade unions in 1981 as a chairman of trade unions of the hospital, and then he continued as a head of department in Republic Committee and then worked as a deputy chairman of the Republic Committee. He is a chairman of the Azerbaijan Health Care Trade Unions Republic Committee till 1989. He was elected as a vice-president of the Health Care International Confederation in 2006. Emin Afandiyev also a member of ATUC Parliament and Executive Committee.
He gained different awards and was awarded honorary titles while these years. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan awarded him with a medal of progress in 2005. And also he was awarded by a medal of “The 100th anniversary of the Russian Independent Trade Unions”. In 2006 he was awarded by “the title of honorary doctor of Azerbaijan Republic”. In 2007 he was awarded by the silver medal of Confederation of Free Trade Unions for his activity in trade unions. In 2008 he was awarded by a medal of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation for his works in trade unions.
He is married and has 2 children.