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Independent Trade Union of Constructional Complex Workers of Azerbaijan


Independent Trade Union of Constructional Complex Workers of Azerbaijan was established in 1991

Trade Union unites 92 trade union organizations and 13 thousand members.

In service of sector trade union are constructional, assembly, designing, transport organizations, professional learning centers.

Main management structure of sector trade union is Congress. Latest IV Congress was held in September 2007.

According to Statute in the period between congresses sector trade union is being managed by Plenum, meetings of which must be held no later than two times a year. For active management from members of Plenum has been elected Executive Committee. Program document approved by IV Congress defines perspective tasks that have to be solved by constructional complex trade unions of the country. This program document foresees joint activity of trade union with employers on further improvement of labor conditions and housing on work place, creation safe and healthy labor conditions, unquestioning implementation of collective agreement’s conditions.

Sector trade union often takes initiative on improvement of current legislation. Proposals on this issue sector trade union sends to Confederation of Trade Unions and in appropriate Government structures. For elaboration of “Rules of safety in construction” sector trade union addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers (Government) of Azerbaijan.

Sectoral trade union collaborates with trade unions of builders of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. With some of them concluded agreements on monitoring for secure rights and guarantees of labor migrants.

Sectoral trade union is a member of International Confederation of Trade Unions of Builders and Industry of Constructional Materials, Building and Wood Worker’s International Trade Union (BWI).