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kurortHe was born in 1958; he is literate person, graduated from the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute in 1982.
He is Honored Doctor of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
He began his activety as a Junior Nurse Boy in "Oilworkers" Hospital in 1978. Then, he held the position of Nurse Boy   in abovementioned hospital. He has been holding the position of Doctor-Intern in 2nd Urban Clinic Hospital of Baku city since August, 1981 up to August, 1982, after graduation from the institute he held the position of Doctor, Department Chief in "Naftalan" Resort Union. In 1986, he held the position of Department Chief in  "Garangush" Sanatorium, but since 1987, he has been holding the position of Head Doctor. In Desember, 2007, he was elected President of "Kurort» Joint-Stock Company.
According to the order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 21.10.2015 Abil Rzagulu oglu Aghasiyev was awarded with the “Taraggi” medal for his services in the development of trade union movement.
He is married and has two sons.
Study of resort places of Azerbaijan started as of 1921-1922. Beginning from 1924, there were established a resort section to carry out it, and founded the department of resorts on its base. In 1924, there was a 100-seated resting house first time in Mardakan settlement, Azerbaijan. In the years 1925-1926, Azerbaijan Trade Unions Council developed the practical measures for organization of health resort business in the Republic and the measures laid the basis of rapid development of sanatorium-health resort business in the republic. The first organizers of sanatorium-health resort business in Azerbaijan were M.I.Gadirli,   D.I.Hilalov,   V.I.Olenov,   A.K.Alibayov, A.R.Morgunov, Sh.M.Hasanov and M.E.Afandiyev.
Azerbaijan is a republic possessing greater natural treatment factors, unique recreation and resort resources. Azerbaijan occupies one of the leading places in the word according to its various natural resources. Climate conditions of Azerbaijan are completely varied: from subtropical to severe continental.
There was found out a number of high-quality therapeutic mud sources and unique therapeutic Naftalan oil up to a thousand in the Republic. The nature generously gifted to Azerbaijan the waters such as isti su, tursh su, badamli, sirab, surakhani sulphuric water, Lankaran and Davachi mineral waters. Consequently there were created great opportunities in order to use balneological, mud and climatic therapeutic factors in the sanatoriums established in Azerbaijan.
In 1922, there was established “Kurort” Join-Stock Company on the base of Council of Republic of   Azerbaijan for Management of Resorts of Trade Unions. Presently, the sanatoriums such as “Bilgah” for treatment of cardiologic diseases, “Absheron”- gastro- intestinal diseases, “Garangush”- kidney diseases,“Gunashli”-nervous system diseases, ”Shikh”-joint diseases and “Naftalan” Resort Union for treatment of various diseases, provide specialized sanatorium-resort services for the people of the republic.
There was adopted “Azerbaijani resorts” State program (2007-2017) and the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On natural treatment resources, treatment-improvement places and resorts in 2007. This law and State program took effect as per executive order signed by Mr.I.Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
In accordance with State Program of “Azerbaijani Resorts”, there are carried out intensive improvement, repair and reconstruction works in health -care centers of “Kurort” Join-Stock Company where ten thousands of people are treated, in addition to which their technical base is being updated, ways are searched for modernization of diagnostics and treatment of patients.