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Azerbaijan Federation of Agricultural and Food Industry Worker’s Trade Union


 In 1906 For the first time, trade union organization combining 230 members of trade union of Manufacturers of Food Products was established in Baku city.

In 1917 Trade Unions of Millers; Tobacco-growers; Beer and Kvass Manufacturers; Beakers and Confectioners existed in Baku city.

    On June 05, 1920 Trade Unions of Foods products manufacturers; Millers; Tobacco-growers; Beer and Kvass Manufacturers; Beakers and Confectioners united and established Territorial Trade Unions of

- Food Products Manufacturers;

- Tobacco-growers;

- Agriculture and forestry workers.

 Finally, in 1953 the above-mentioned Trade Unions united and established Trade Unions of:

- Workers of Agriculture and Delivery;

- Workers of Food Industry.

On March 26, 1986 in connection with establishment of Agrarian-Industrial Complex of the USSR, Territorial Trade Unions of Agricultural, Procurement and Food Industries Workers were liquidated and Trade Union of Agrarian Complex Workers was established.

Territorial Trade Union covers 832 primary organizations (351 of them are the primary organizations of the enterprises), 3 united, 44 district, city and 1 regional committee, and the number of the trade unions is 71 623 people. 

Supreme Body of Territorial Trade Union is a Congress convened once per five years.  IV Congress was convened in May 2005. The Board elects Executive Committee of the Territorial Union to organize and fulfill the function stipulated in the Statute, establishes standing commission, defines their work rules and authorities .Meetings of the Executive Committee are convened in case of necessity but not less every three months.

One of the main directions of the Federation’s activities is bilateral negotiations with the employers concerning ensuring socio-legal rights of the employees, and conclusion of Territorial (tariff) Agreements and Collective Agreements on the field.

The Federation closely cooperates with the “Mehsul” Rural Voluntary Sports Society in the direction of strengthening the health of the members of trade unions and involvement of the youth in sports and physical education. The competitions “Be ready to Labor, Defense!” held every year in the republic among the rural sportsmen have already become as tradition. Thousands of youth take part every year at these competitions covering all regions of the republic. Final of these competitions is held in Baku city every year and is widely highlighted on television and in media.

Territorial Trade Union is a member of International Union of Food, Tobacco-growing Industries, Agriculture and other relevant fields’ workers. The Federation has already implemented 3 Projects with this International Union. 

For providing assistance to territorial trade unions acting in the Eurasia region in the field of protection legal rights of employees, ensuring labor, independent democratic and social principles, and carrying of exchange of  experience and mutual cooperation in the process of conducting negotiations with the transnational companies located in the region, territorial trade unions of 12 countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, Montenegro, Sarajevo, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Central Asia, Republic of Georgia united and established the Eurasia Federation of Food, Agricultural, Forestry and Tourism Workers’ Trade Unions.

Eurasia Federation unites 21 territorial trade unions representing the above-mentioned countries. The headquarters of the Eurasia Federation are located in Istanbul, Turkey.  Foundation Conference of the Organization was held on August 31, 2007, and Mr.Tofig Guliyev, chairman of Trade Unions Federation was elected as vise-president of Eurasia Federation.