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Republican Committee of the Trade Union  of State Organization and Public Service Workers.


State Organization and Public Service Workers Trade Union embodies state employees, civil employees working in law enforcement and defense system also trade union members operating in some banks and service areas around themselves workers members.

The members of SOPSW are about 68000, 25000 of them are women and 13000 are young people.

There are 10 united, 75 region-city and 1475 primary organizations in the structure of the Trade Union.

The Republican Committee has signed Area Collective Bargaining with 24 ministries, committees and other central bodies.

Collective bargaining has been signed at 710 work places covering 70 % of trade union members in 2010.

The SOPSW Trade Union supreme management body is the congress. The last IV congress was held on 24 December 2005 and Hikmet Saleh oglu Osmanov was elected a chairman. The Regulations of SOPSW were adopted in a new wording in the same congress. Management of the Trade Unions is implemented by the Management Board and Presidium during the period of time between the congresses.

The SOPSW Trade Union has its own Educational Sport Centre in Saatli district and 96 beds “Ulfat” recreation centre which was commissioned and put to operation in Nabran settlement of Khachmaz district in 2010 for recreation of its own members.

The SOPSW Trade Union is a member of and closely cooperates with the international organizations as PSI (Public Service International),EPSU (European Public Services Union) and MFP (State Establishments Trade Unions International Federation)