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ahitaAliyev Nadir was born in 1949, has higher physical education. He graduated from Azerbaijan State Institute of Physical Training. He began his labor activity as a coach in youth football team. Since 1983 he had worked as a head of “Məhsul” Trade Union Sport Association as well as in other positions. He is a member of the assembly of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation.
In 1995, Aliyev N.L was elected the Vice-president of Association of Trade Union Sports Organizations of Azerbaijan, and in 2006, he was elected the President of the Association.
Aliyev N.L. is also a member of the National Olympic Committee, a member of Presidium of Weightlifting, Athletics and Shooting Federations of Azerbaijan.
According to the order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 21.10.2015 Nadir Latif oglu Aliyev was awarded with the “Taraggi” medal for his services in the development of trade union movement.
He is married, has a son.
Association of Trade unions Sport Organisations of Azerbaijan

The Association of Trade unions Sport Organisations of Azerbaijan was established in 1993. It includes 5 sports societies-“Mehsul”, “Spartak”, “Zenit”, “Ganjlik”, “Karabakh” and 4 sport clubs - “Attila”, “Pehlevan”, “Chess and draughts”, “Mountaineering and Tourism”.According to ATUSOA regulations , its superme body is a conference.The activity of ATUSOA is managed by the Executive Committee during the period between conferences.On the basis of the regulations a session of Executive Committee is held not less than once in a quarter.
Aliyev Nadir was elected President of ATUSOA at the report-election conference held in 2007.
The main objectives and responsibilities of ATUSOA are the following:
Search ways of stengthening of material and technical basis of the trade unions sport organisations, which are members of associations and provision with financial funds;
The centralized accounting of registration of physical culture and sport reports in the sport organisations , provision of management and control over these actions;
The organization and realization of mass health-improving and sports activities among workers and members of their families on branches covering sports organisations;
To regulate development of the Olympic sports in the sport organisations, to assist in the organisation and holding competitions on different sports;
Arrangement of conditions and achievement of represenation of more trade unions sportsmen in National Teams, improvement of their preparition and sucoessful performance at the International competitions, as well as at Olympic Games.
At present 20 Children and Youth Sports Schools are functioning in   trade union sports organisations.At these school 6275 persons, 251 girls of them are engaged in sport sections.
265 trainers are working on preparation of sportsmen in CYSS 26 of them are the “Honoured Coaches of the Republic”, 23 coaches of higher category, 60-coaches of the 1st category.
For the last period the sportsmen who took part in the World and European Championships won 24 gold, 19 silver and 40 bronze medals.